EICMA 2022

After the EICMA 2022, we are here to sum up an edition that has reviewed the general public along with some houses not present in past years.
Guests of one of our suppliers during the day dedicated to the Press, we were able to visit the pavilions being able to pause to carefully observe almost all the news present.
For the most part based on the electric, you could not miss a real invasion by new brands from Asian countries born purely to propose solutions to two-wheeled small displacement, up to the full-Hybrid with Kawasaki hydrogen engine.
Unfortunately, “mamma Harley” has forfeited, represented only by a stand to promote the European 120th Anniversary Event scheduled for next year in Budapest; with great surprise we found ourselves in front of the “King of the Bagger” of the parent company (Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle Factory Racing) with its beautiful 131R in plain sight and everything necessary to remain competitive against the other “queen” exhibited some booths later, signed Indian and called Challenger…but with S&S engine.
Many suppliers present, including Galfer, Parts Europe, Simpson, Andreani and others also belonging to the Custom niche… somehow we “felt at home”. But I must say that the so much technology and research of innovation that is always present lately can only make you think of how even the world of our twin cylinders must somehow take responsibility and look a little further.
Easier said than done, denaturalization is currently a hot topic among the melancholic of 1340 and lovers of fluidity and the few vibrations of the new M8.

That said… an EICMA where the real news were brought by the youngest, while the giants from which we would have expected the real twists that we like so much, have reappeared with models already more than known.
We could not leave without having seen the real queen and lady of the event, the Ducati Desmosedici GP of the new world champion “Pecco” Bagnaia, a red devil with over 250hp and great Italian pride (in the images below).
In short, the EICMA is a special event… if you do not go you regret but if you participate there are few points in its favor; I personally believe that to date events of this level there are no here in Italy and although not very consistent with the world Harley Davidson, I think it is always worth taking a leap even simply to have a view a little more than 360. of the world of the two wheels.