FOB 94

Another great project arising from the customer’s need to create something unique! The history of this motorbike is peculiar as, some of the accessories we had previously supplied, but assembled by other garages for logistical reasons (Milan-Rome). At some point, it was necessary to intervene drastically in order to fix all the technical problems created, which is the reason why it was delivered to our garage. So, we “challenged” the customer by proposing to present it in a new guise at Riding Season 2024 and so we did! Base Road Glide 2016 fitted with Ohlins on the front and rear, Brembo braking system complete with brake/clutch pumps, Galfer oversized discs on the front and Kraus disc with radial mount on the rear.

Engine 110 Screamin Eagle that pushes a lot with a very rare Kerker exhaust that completes the piece! We disassembled it completely to reinstate the electrical and audio system by adding additional Baja headlights to those already in place; reinstated some OEM parts eliminated by previous garages, completely recalibrated the fork due to vibration issues, actually related to a previous improper installation of the front radial calipers. After testing it several times on the road, we found the correct chassis balance allowing immediate response to engine performance.

We decided to install carbon parts on the Fob94 as well: front/rear mudguard, side panels, horn cover, tank dash cover, fork cover. We would like to highlight that some parts were created in our garage such as the front mudguard brackets, front/rear grilles and Brembo oil tank supports.

We relied again on Kustom Family Milano, who at the customer’s request and continuous comparison found an extreme ‘track-ready’ colouring and at that point it was necessary to provide a ceramic treatment to preserve fairings, engine and all parts of the bike (by Ceramic Pro Milano Ovest).

A job done in just over a month because the event was just around the corner. Today we can say that all the hard work paid off as we succeeded in winning the “Show-Bike 2024” award!