Rombo di Tuono 22nd-23rd of October

October 2022 closed with one of the most famous and well-known events in Northern Italy: Rombo di Tuono, which since 2001 has brought custom fans of the 2 and 4 wheels in Brescia. Hosted by the Brixiaexpo Center, in the huge exhibition space just outside the city, the staff has set up a large outdoor exhibition dedicated to Muscle Cars. Unfortunately the bad weather of the previous day has discouraged the most daring bikers and most of us arrived by car from the most varied capitals of the Boot.

It can be said that the “caravan” of HD rallies for years is almost always the same (with some foreign membership), but it is always nice to find old friends and meet new ones; social media now anticipate the times taking away the surprise but not the enthusiasm of being present. Not a mass membership but an event that has had its good feedback! Divided by sectors, ranging from clothing to customization to street food stands and the part of live events including live music, pole dance and combat sports.

The stands related to clothing and accessories were varied, they welcomed the guys of VM Safety of Grosseto with the “classic Simpson” (officially on the Italian market since MBE 2022) and are depopulating in the ClubStyle panorama, coming to vintage clothing regenerated with leather goods and work clothes but quality, imported directly from the USA. Unique pieces of excellent craftsmanship that are finally revalorizing and bringing “to the origins” a fashion perhaps too saturated and innovative that risks to go off topic.

From the rarest garments to the classic “always present” stands that we now know well but that are the backbone of our most famous events. Fair divided into three lanes that allowed a pleasant ride and the opportunity to stop to observe, buy or greet friends.

My curiosity to see for myself the bikes that currently are characterizing the Italian landscape has been fully satisfied. Many of the most important customizers showed off their creations in the style of Chopper, Bobber, Rat Bike up to the now more frequent Softail Club-Style and Performance Bagger… those who needed to compare or take notes to customize their HD had the opportunity to “touch” different thinking techniques and high-level modes in approaching customization.

It can be said that in recent years Italy is positioning itself in the HD world among the countries that make the difference, both in terms of innovation and quality. Currently on our territory we have specialists in the design and manufacture of parts and accessories renowned everywhere and this continuous search for excellence will certainly lead to raising the bar of “Made in Italy”.

Not only Harley Davidson but also an infinity of Hot Rod and Rat Rod exhibited internally (Ford Deuce and Mercury) with an outdoor exhibition park signed Mustang, Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Cadillac etc… many American horses from all over Italy all parked to be admired and photographed. In short, if you wanted to be transported back in time or to see what are the current rivals overseas of the most famous Italian sports car manufacturers, Rombo di Tuono was the right event!

First time for the Northern Growl Garage and as always we confirm that comparing with exhibitors and partners, greeting friends and customers knowing new ones, makes our community take shape more and more.

See you to the next event!

NGG Crew