Rebuffini Nexo 5.0

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The innovative Nexo 5.0 upside-down fork has been studied and designed for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
All aluminum parts, machined from solid, are made inside the Rebuffini company,
following very rigorous production protocols and quality controls.
Assembled with the use of the best components on the market (oil seals, dust seals, bushings, oil, …)
The hydraulic cartridges are produced in collaboration with Andreani Group International,
Italian leading company in motorcycle suspension, with authorized centers all over the world.

Each set is assembled according to customer needs.
It is a completely customizable and configurable product in terms of colors and settings.

Available lengths:
760mm (120mm stroke), optional 750mm (120mm stroke)
800mm (120mm stroke), optional 810mm (120mm stroke)

  • Fully adjustable in rebound, compression and spring preload
  • The built-in radial 3D bottoms have been designed for 108mm radial brake calipers and to accommodate the ABS sensor without modification
  • 3D fork clamps machined from solid
  • 58mm billet fork sheaths, for maximum rigidity, excellent feeling and riding comfort and excellent braking stability
  • 48mm fork legs with black DLC treatment, for the best smoothness
  • Lightened wheel axle included.