Kraus, 1-1/8″ FM Fly Moto Gold Handlebars


Fits: > 82-23 H-D mech. & e-throttle with 1.25″ I.D. risers

Gold anodized aluminum finish. This bar features a 1-1/8″ (28.6mm) riser clamping area and tapers down to 1″ (25.4mm) so stock hand controls can be installed. Compatible with e-throttle (TBW / Throttle By Wire) and regular cable throttle. Slotted for internal wiring. – Dimensions: 32″ (81cm) wide, 3″ (7.6cm) pullback x 2.5″ (6.4cm) rise – Compatible with the wiring slot of 1-1/8″ Kraus Isolated Risers – Not compatible with heated grips Note: FM Fly Moto Style Bars are not compatible with wing-style perch clamps with location pin. (Non-compatible with OEM #41700321, #36700113)
Note: If you plan to run stock 2014-up switch housings with this Kraus bar you will need to change your master cylinder and clutch perch clamps to early model clamps (Harley OEM part number 45138-08A black