First Road Glide-based project created in order to represent us at the Motor Bike Expo 2024 in collaboration with Andreani/Ohlins.

The motorbike has been customized in about a month and a half, starting with an upgrade of the engine (M8 107) to which the cams were replaced with S&S 465s for an immediate response at low revs. At the same time we installed the plate, oil pump and 55mm S&S manifold replacing the HD OEM plastic one. As we didn’t want to remove the chrome, we relied on Trask for the derby and cam covers by installing an Assoult filter and thus have everything on sight.

Performance was finally enhanced by a Dynojet mapping created ad-hoc and tested on the road. Hearth of the changes have been the inverted front-end by Ohlins (model FGR203) with dedicated plates, Ohlins HD044 rear shock absorbers with replacement and installation of progressive springs, and Brembo radial braking system front/rear with oversized Galfer discs (330mm at the front). We decided to create a clean motorbike using only few brands but of a high standard and Kraus was one of the best choices when it came to the controls (risers + dashboard), footrests and linkage.

The front footpegs are positioned higher than the usual aftermarket ones and this allows for a sportier use. The new LePera Tailwhip creates a sleeker line thanks to the raised tail and for this occasion we chose the ‘long’ version to allow the rider a possible lowered position at high speeds. The motorbike was previously equipped with a Bassani 2:1 short exhaust, but for the chosen colour scheme we opted for a Trask 2:1 short (not really knowing what we were getting into)… so far the best choice: fuller and deeper sound than the other aftermarket brands.

The carbon is an integral part of the work. Rigorously made in Italy, it replaces the mudguards (front/rear), heat shields, side panels and the dash cover. It is worth highlighting the fact that some parts were created directly in our garage.

For the painting we relied on Andrea Kustom Family Milano who interpreted the project to perfection, creating a “racing” but not extreme coloring, thus keeping an elegant tone but at the same time reminding us of the current Baggers engaged in the most famous American championship.

We could not fail to finish “the piece” with Baja Designs front lights and Custom Dynamics rear lights, bags cut for a sportier look and a ceramic coating to protect the painting (by Ceramic Pro Milano Ovest).